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I n S I T E  2 0 0 7
J u n e  22 - 25,  2 0 0 7           Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia with about 300.000 inhabitants. The most observable location is the Ljubljana Castle on the hill upon the old part of the city. The old town near the river Ljubljanica is the characteristic of Ljubljana, which hides numerous of pubs, cafés and restaurants, shops and amazing architecture. Ljubljana is the cultural, educational, political and business centre of Slovenia. 

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  Click for Ljubljana Airport, Slovenia ForecastThe InSITE (Informing Science + IT Education) conference solicits your finest submissions in any area that explores issues in effectively and efficiently informing clients through information technology.  It also solicits papers on IT education.
All submissions undergo blind review by six or more external referees. Accepted papers of delegates are published in either the conference proceedings or one of the Institute's journals.

the transdiscipline of Informing Science

The purpose of Informing Science is to encourage and enable the sharing of knowledge and collaboration among the wide variety of fields that use information technology to inform clients. Here are some of these areas: 
Communications, Communicating Meaning, Community and Society, Computer Science, Data Communications, Distance Education, eCommerce, Education, Government, Health Care, Medicine, History, Information Science & Library, Journalism, Justice and Law, Mathematics, Philosophical Issues, Psychology, Public Policy, Sociology, Technology, Working Together.
IT Education Papers that cover research in Information Technology Education, such as Curriculum and Techniques for teaching IT are invited.
Knowledge &Learning Objects Papers that deal with any aspect of knowledge and learning objects . (theory, practice, innovation, and research ) are invited
Doctoral Studies Papers dealing with all issues in the teaching and mentoring of doctoral students are invited.
Call for Special Topics The conference is especially interested in papers on the topics Misinforming/Misinformation and Bias in information systems.
Doctoral Consortium Doctoral candidates in advanced stages of their dissertation work
1st ISI Doctoral Consortium see

Hosted by

Faculty of Economics University of Ljubljana

Conference Co-Chairs
Mojca Indihar Štemberger
Maks Tajnikar,
dean of the faculty

Organizing Committee
Peter Trkman (chair)
Peter Baloh
Aleš Popovič

Marko Bajec, Vesna Bosilj-Vukšić,
Matjaž B. Jurič, Zlatko Kovačić,
Dušan Lesjak, Bob Travica

Local Affairs Director
Monika Lapanja
Vesna Strehar

Organized by the Informing Science Institute
Eli Cohen and Elizabeth Boyd

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